Garment Hire

Pupin DeVert in a Chrystalist Corset

~ Having access to brand-new-to-you wardrobe that your audience has not seen you in yet.

~ Trying a different type of garment or accessory for the first time without committing to purchasing brand new.

~ Being able to switch up your looks and content more frequently without decreasing your closet/costume collection storage space.

Young woman in a Chrystalist Dress

In an effort to expand her slow fashion services, Amy has put together a Garment Hire Collection for her professional clients. 

Do you have a photoshoot planned? Perhaps you are shooting some promotional film for your stage persona's social media? Chrystalist Costume Design's Garment Hire Collection may just be the way to go.

Some of the benefits of hiring your garments for one-off events such as photoshoots and video shoots include:

~ Supporting slow fashion and sustainability within the fashion industry.

~ Saving money by paying a fraction of the cost to hire something beautiful to wear once or twice giving you more cash to invest in your regular-wear costume wardrobe.

How It Works

Browse the Garment Hire Collection linked below to decide on what garment you are interested in hiring. 

Check the measurement guide to ensure that your preferred garment is going to be a good fit for you. Amy has made sure to be fully transparent with her descriptions of fit, as well as giving you a comprehensive list of measurements to refer and compare to.

Choose whether you would like to hire your garment for 3 or 7 days and contact Amy directly to check availability for your desired dates. 

Place your order. (Do not place your order until you know your desired dates are free!!)

Complete and add your card details to the loan agreement which will be held on file only for the duration of your loan agreement. Extra charges only apply if the garment comes back to Amy late, damaged, lost or ruined. The relevant charges are all laid out in your loan agreement. 

Your beautiful hired garment will arrive to you via special post the day before you require it. 

Enjoy your garment for the duration of your hire.

Send back to Amy unlaundered (she will take care of that for you) in the original packaging using the pre-paid special post label that you received inside the package when it arrived.

Prepare to plan your next garment hire!